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Starting over

Starting over.

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This blog stopped for various reasons. Mostly because I never really got into the whole blogging thing. Also because real life demanded most of my time (and I made the right priorities). This little post won’t be long and is more of a symbol of a fresh start for me, in terms of blogging.

What I do like to share is a quote I stopped to think a little on today:

“The system of fathers of the world church, the clergy system of the state church, and the pastoral system of the independent churches are all the same in nature. They are all Nicolaitans. In the Bible there are only brothers. There is the gift of a pastor, but no system of pastors. The pastoral system is man’s tradition. If the children of God are not willing to return to the position of that in the beginning, no matter what they do, it will not be right.” – Watchman Nee

This was my comment to it as I posted the quote to my Facebook wall:

“True. Every believer is a member of the body, and is set to function, not just a select few.”

As the title of this blog post states I think we ought to start over at zero, when it comes to what we think we can bring before God and how we view our own strength.

Hopefully this little post marks the beginning of a living blog.

Love in Christ,