Sort-of Poems

Life as Branch

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Today I started reading a book called “The Butterfly in You” by Milt Rodriguez. The subtitle “Discovering Your True Identity in Christ” tells you what it’s about and I’ve enjoyed the introduction and first chapter thus far.

In the first chapter Milt tells the story of a worm called Fred. Fred is unknowingly not really a worm, he’s a caterpillar! His life on the ground is bound for the sky, and he doesn’t know it. Not giving away too much of the story he meets a butterfly who tells him that the “Big Blue Up” is his real home.

But this post was not all meant for that book (I do really recommend it by what I’ve read thus far), but to a little poem inspired by it. I remember my wife Theresa started reading the book a few months back and told me of the story about Fred and it got me thinking about the picture of the vine and the branches. So I started toying with writing in a similar style, through the perspective of a branch that just got grafted into a tree.

I wrote this sort-of-poem back in February and posted it on my Facebook account. Thought I might share it here as well. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Hello everyone.
My name is Branch.
I’m new here.
Came from another tree, you see.
Was grafted in.
And I love it here!
Feels like home already.
So much life!
And love.
So intense, overflowing.
I feel light and free.
Mm, at the same time safe.

Oh, tickles when wind rustles my leaves!

The gardener prunes me.
Ooh, I’m growing…
Woo, I get to bear fruit!
Hmm, not sure how it happens.
But I can’t help it, it just does.
And when I try to make it happen,
It doesn’t.
I get so frustrated.
Almost makes me fall off.
But I rest again,
And slowly it grows.